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Our Goal: 

To perfect your river experience by providing you with unparalleled control, power, comfort, and safety. Gilman Grips Performance Oar Handles are about the perfect day on the river, bringing new designs and innovation to the sport of fishing and rowing, and connecting you to the river with confidence-in a whole new way!

Our Story: 

No matter how strong you are, preventing the unwanted oar spin found with traditional grips was impossible... until now. Gilman Grips is about to change all that.

Round grips on today's oars have not evolved. The same shapes have been used for thousands of years because they could be quickly turned into a wooden oar shaft. With no concern for grip performance, oar-manufacturers kept the simple cylindrical designs due to the ease of production.

Gilman Grips Oar Handles are designed for fishing guides and anglers, drift boats, dories, whitewater rafting, or just getting out on the river. Never miss a stroke with Gilman Grips high-performance oar handle. Fully compatible with most composite oars, the Gilman Grips patented design directly orients the blade in the water with a precise feathering angle, and ergonomically neutral position of the wrist and thumb.

Our Product: 

About Gilman Grips Patented Ergonomic Shape 

Gilman Grips High Performance Oar Handles deliver a significant performance advantage over traditional round grips, which can unintentionally spin in your hand. We accomplish this by utilizing the most ergonomic shape and by providing your hand with almost twice the surface, where you need it most. Our design requires a fraction of the hand strength required to hang onto and properly control a traditional oar grip, resulting in less shoulder, wrist, and hand fatigue so that you can enjoy more glorious days on the river. Designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes from XS to XXL, the innovative shape fits your hand like a glove. Our grips provide you with intuitive feathering and instant feedback on your blade angle in the water. 

Gilman Grips performance is unmatched in the industry.


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